June CESA meeting minutes now available:
Click here.

July Federation meeting minutes are now available:
Click here for this or earlier documents.

Member work hours now online (updated 07/16/16):
Now you can check your work hour total at this link. This is the final tally for the 2015-2016 membership period. If the recorded hours don't appear correct, contact the work event coordinator, John Reifenberger or Ken Wright.

New club email address:
Please send any future emails to CrumElbow@gmail.com unless you know the correct person you would like to contact.

New club sign! Thank you Ed Peters...Click pic for larger view.


DEC NY Hunter Education Course
Once again the club is hosting the course on July 29/30. Click here for more details.

CESA Skeet Promo:
Five Stand Fridays are here to stay! Due to overwhelming popularity, this will be a continuing event at 10am every Friday. Check out this link to preview the action.

Building and Grounds and Event Coordinator needed:
Click on either position for a description of the responsibilities.

Raffle Drawing Results:
Second drawing was held at the last club meeting. Congratulations to the winners! Click this link for prizes!

Club E-Board:
Check out the electronic bulletin board if you haven't already for lots of information posted by Pete, Mark and Dave. Thanks for sharing! Anyone is welcome to provide information which they feel may be useful to the membership. Submit a link or copy to vette1979z@hotmail.com for publication.


Welcome to the Crum Elbow Sportsmen Association website. Whether you're a first time visitor, prospective member or an established member, you should find whatever information you are looking for about the club here. If not, see the list of contacts who would be happy to help with any questions you may have.
For the first timers, check out all the features of club facilities, such as the clubhouse, skeet/trap, range and the pond. We are located in historic Hyde Park with directions indicated on the map. You may consider becoming a member in which case you can peruse the information required to obtain membership as well as the benefits and responsibilities thereof.
Once you are a member, you probably want to see what's happening at the club (there is always something). And when you have some time to help out at the club and fulfill your work hours, an updated schedule of work party events can be consulted. Members requiring access to the member area can send an email to crumelbow@crumelbowsportsmen.com for the id/password to access the page.

Club Objectives

The objectives and purpose of the club shall be to promote sportsmanship and education in the conservation of wildlife and the good will of landowners. To that end the club shall seek to conserve, restore and manage the game, fish and other, wildlife and their habitat in the town of Hyde Park and elsewhere; to promote and maintain the friendly relation and cooperation with landowners and sportsmen; to procure better fishing and hunting for sportsmen; to obtain respect for, and observance of, the fish and game laws; so far as possible to spread knowledge and understanding of all wild life. The club strives to educate the members and outside community in the sport of hunting, shooting and fishing.

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