Come join our club if you haven't already...you know you want to! It provides discounts on our shoots and friendships which are priceless. Learn from the experts and share in the tales of the one that got away. Forget the stereotypes; you don't have to be a camouflaged hunter to participate in CESA events (although you can). We have everyone: young and old, male and female, athletic and not. Are you interested in joining our club? We do have openings available for those interested in upholding and fostering the club's objectives and purpose which are as follows.


The objectives and purpose of the club shall be to promote sportsmanship and education in the conservation of wildlife and the good will of landowners. To that end the club shall seek to conserve, restore and manage the game, fish and other, wildlife and their habitat in the town of Hyde Park and elsewhere; to promote and maintain the friendly relation and cooperation with landowners and sportsmen; to procure better fishing and hunting for sportsmen; to obtain respect for, and observance of, the fish and game laws; so far as possible to spread knowledge and understanding of all wild life.

Membership Procedure

- You must be sponsored by a Regular Member who has completed his/her probationary period (which is one year after being voted into the club). If you are not sure who can sponsor you, contact the Membership Director for assistance.
Note: The sponsoring member should read the Club By-laws, especially Article III, Membership.
- Fill out a membership application and return it to your sponsor who will submit it to the Membership Director one week prior to the board meeting. Board meetings are one week prior to the regular club meeting, for which times and schedules can be seen on the website events listing.
- On the night of the club meeting, the new member and their sponsor must attend 15 minutes prior to the start of the club meeting where the board will review the application and make a decision regarding eligibility for membership.
- If accepted by the board, all fees will be paid and the new member will be asked to join the regular meeting where the application will come to a vote before the membership.
- Once entered into membership, a member is on probation for their first year of membership and will refer to the by-laws regarding their status and duties in the first year.

Membership Fees

See this for the appropriate fees and work hours based on the month the prospective member joins. The fees are basically comprised of:
  • a one-time initiation fee
  • the purchase of two tickets for the club raffle (if applicable)
  • prorated yearly dues
  • key deposit
We welcome your interest and look forward to meeting you at the club!

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